Year-End Notices

End Of Year


(As of 05-08-2023)

Please note that all dates listed here are tentative and may be subject to change.

  • A moratorium for new chartfield requests for FY23 will begin on June 9, 2023 and will remain in effect until FY23 year-end close has been completed. Requests for Fund 71 and/or Sponsored Project speedtypes will not be subject to this moratorium. If a new chartfield request is urgent and necessary during the moratorium, a request may be submitted to for review.
  • Final Bad Debt entries will be calculated and posted in mid-June to GL. The calculation is as of May month-end, 05/31/23.
  • Please ensure expenditures allocated to Fund 72 and 78 speedtypes fulfill the required spending conditions. General operational expenses such as lab supplies or office supplies should not be allocated to a Fund 72 and 78 speedtype. 
  • Bursar's cash office will close at 4:00pm on June 30th for FY23 business. 
  • Auxiliaries - physical inventory count of consumable goods must be completed on or before June 30th.



Download the PDF here: Year End Close Meeting FY23.pdf

Additional Resources  

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Last Reviewed on 05/08/2023