Cash Transfers


Cash Transfers


Cash Transfer Journal vs Budget Journal Entry (BJE):

  • A cash transfer journal moves cash between funds. Except between fund 10’s. 
  • The Controller's Office approves all cash transfers.
  • Use a BJE when moving budget from one fund 10 to another fund 10. Fund 10's are budget driven.
  • The Budget and Planning Office approves all BJEs. 
  • Other restrictions:  
    •  Fund 34 cash transfers have strict restrictions
    • ​​​​​ Cash transfer journals are used on grants when
      • moving the residuals of a fixed price to a fund 26
      • funding costshare
      • construction projects

*Please contact Sponsored Projects before doing a cash transfer for a grant. 


For questions about cash transfer please contact:

Cash Transfer Journal Entries must comply with the University's Fund Transfer Rules identifying which funds can transfer cash between each other.

For information see the Office of University Controller website:

Cash Transfer Journal Entries

Download the Fund Transfer Rules below:

Fund Transfer Rules


Updated 11/18/21