Unallowable vs. Personal Charges


Unallowable vs. Personal Charges

553201 Versus 013109

Account 553201, Company Card Unallowable Expenses, and Account 013109, Company Card Personal Charges, are similar in that they both temporarily hold charges until they can be moved. However, these accounts each have a specific purpose and should not be used interchangeably. 

Account 013109, Company Card Personal Charges, is an accounts receivable (AR) account and is used for personal employee charges placed on CU credit cards.  Please make sure to check the personal charge box in Concur when allocating the expenses out.  These are recorded to an AR account because they are not University expenses and must be paid back. Consider the following example:

Account 013109
Example 1
Account 553201
Example 2


Both accounts should be reviewed when reconciling your SpeedTypes. All amounts recorded to both accounts 013109 and 553201 will need to be moved eventually.  However, as account 013109 is an asset account, a balance can be left at year-end, which would represent a charge incurred late in the year that has not yet been reimbursed by the employee.  Since account 553201 is an expense Account Code, all charges must be moved to other expense accounts before fiscal year end. 


Last Reviewed on 11/19/21